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New Year’s 2014 Resolutions

Well it’s another year and I kinda of wanted to keep with the tradition of posting a new years resolution.  For those of you just joining us, I have posted a resolution list/promise for the past two years on this tumblr.  Its really for me I guess, but whatever. 




(does anyone even use tumblr anymore?  Post an email on this webzone if you agree with what I have been said)


Yea its new year.  Id be lying if I didn’t say that this year wasnt crazy.  So many ups and downs.  Lots of firsts, lots of mistakes, and lots of stories.

And i gotta say.

Its been an unforgettable year.  Truly unforgettable.  So special shoutout to all of those that were apart of it.  Thank you. From the bottom and top of my heart.  And all of the other organs… not that one though… dont make this weird.

But I better get to the resolutions for now!  As I look back, Im pretty sure I fulfilled all of the things I wanted completed by this year in some way.  I didn’t study abroad technically, but I got to visit Spain and Morocco which was amazing and exactly what I wanted in the end.  Although not paid by YouTube, my fanbase has grown a bit and I have been recruited to make videos for another organization, something I am very proud of.  And in terms of changing someones life, I got a lot more out of this resolution than I intended.  I got the chance to get close to some amazing people and, while I hope I have impacted them in some way, I can say I changed as well because of getting to know these people.  It was pretty fucking awesome.  

So I was able to complete all of my resolutions in some way.  I think that’s a victory in its own.

But NOW for MY resolutions for 2014

Live in a city

For the majority of 2014 I will be out of college (woo) and maybe in my graduate program.  However, I really want to live in any city for this year I leave college.  I want something different from what Ive been surrounded by for the past 4 years and I believe a city can offer it.  Sure its gonna be scary as balls, but I welcome it!

Start the new type of youtube videos

Ive been making DeadFromBread videos for awhile now and, while I do love my random comedy.  I do want to figure out a way to tackle more serious stuff related to my major.  I want to use my channel to extend my passion for helping people and use it as a medium for therapy in a way.  Im not sure how I am gonna tackle this, but hopefully I get started on this project by this year.  I want to use what I love doing (video making) and use it to help those that are struggling through life.  

Become more… err spiritual.

I know this kinda sounds weird, and I honestly didnt expect to see myself wanting to change this about myself but yea…  I’m not necessarily talking about finding a new religion (i guess im catholic?) but Im talking about being more accepting of a general spirituality.  Ive found that I kind of need that to connect with people I have lost.  So I plan on studying a bunch of different religions (atm reading the quaran) and practices so by the end of 2014, I am more in tune with myself as a believer of faith and hope, something I have kind of lost over the last 4 years.

Well thats it for now: Live in a city, start self-help youtube videos, and become more spiritual.  These three resolutions are obviously pretty vague, but I hope that 2014 will allow me to work through these.  In fact, I hope 2014 becomes as memorable as 2013.  I want there to be more hardships and more victories.  I want to grow because of these. I want to change.

Anyway, thanks for reading this post all the way through.  I’ll try to post on this more often haah

TL;DR Grateful for 2013, new resolutions for 2014: Live in a city, start self-help youtube videos, become more spiritual

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Just wanna share some love for this birthday boy. @_agentp_  thanks for being like a brother to me. I love you man!

Just wanna share some love for this birthday boy. @_agentp_ thanks for being like a brother to me. I love you man!